Monster Hunter Merch @ San Diego Comic-Con 

I got to be the first to get the MH Exclusive Plushies at SDCC. The people down at the Capcom Booth were REALLY nice to me and let me in to buy even if I was a exhibitor (cause apparently there’s a 15min wait rule for exhibitors)

But I’m so happy I got them. Kept the eggshell in tact with the wrapping still hehe 

SDCC14 - Cacpom Autograph Signing @1pm ~ Kaname Fujioka 

I spent about nearly 2 hours waiting at the Capcom Booth to get Monster Hunter 4U’s director, Kaname Fujioka. I got to be 3rd person in line to get a autograph and boy I was excited and yet a little nervous, I got to shake hands and take a picture with him, he signed a Limited Edition MH4 Poster and my copy of MH4. Used what Japanese I knew and spoke a bit quickly to him in Japanese, stuttered a lot though. But man, I finally have two autographs from 2 big people, since my tri copy has Ryuzo’s autograph and now my MH4 has Fujioka’s autograph. 

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Capcom’s Booth 

Kino here, Admin of Rathalos-Scales
Managed to get into Comic-Con as a Exhibitor (well cause I am exhibiting as well but nvm that) Also not wearing my signature outfit but it’s hot in San Diego, don’t think I’d survive in my Guy-Man helm w/ my Melynx Kigu, but I was decked out in MH gear: backpack, wallet, hair-tie, shirt. 

But Before the crowd and arriving at my booth, I book’d it to Capcom’s Booth and felt my heart race happily seeing that Goa Magara. Had a lovely talk with Yuri and other staff members of Capcom (wish I got their names!) 

I got to demo MH4U, and before there was a crowd when exhibit hall was nearing opening, I got to be the first to buy my SDCC Monster Hunter exclusive plushies. And take loads of pictures of me with Goa. Pulled some “How To Train Your Dragon” with the Goa. 

thank you for this experience capcomunity

Some things I picked up from SDCC14 ;)

the two MH SDCC Exclusive plushies
3DS case and a melynx charm for my phone’s headphone jack 

SDCC14 - MH Merch at the Bluefin Booth

the distributor of the shop I help out and exhibit with has some MH stuff out and ready for people to buy at SDCC!!! 

【MHF】剛種イナガミ 2人2ラスタ
Monster Hunter Frontier G5 - Gou Inagami 2 Min run

Footage of Inagami. I’ve noticed the more you attack certain parts of Inagami, those certain parts will turn to stone. As for the movesets I’ve noticed it’s randomized per hunt on what movesets it’ll use, from using stone like wings to glide, uprising bamboo from the earth.

Gold Crown Biggest Inagami 

Looking back at Inagami, he kinda reminds me of Beru in a way, look wise. Colors are closely the same, and the face a bit too.

Looking back at Inagami, he kinda reminds me of Beru in a way, look wise. Colors are closely the same, and the face a bit too.

Monster Hunter Frontier G5 - イナガミ Inagami

One of the new Monsters for Monster Hunter Frontier G5’s expansion. 

Not really much to say about it, inflicts sleep status, makes a really cool move that uprises bamboo from beneath the earth.

Monster Hunter Frontier G5 - New Armor Design 

Armor Name: キニオルシリーズ (Kinioru Series) Image shown is the Bladesmaster set