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An upcoming game by Capcom will have a Monster Hunter Crossover!

Monster Hunter Frontier G’s, G Rank Receptionist now has a official name, as a naming contest has concluded for her

G Rank Guild Maiden - カトレア Katorea (Cattleya) Which is also a type of flower! 

Monster Hunter Frontier G’s, G Rank Receptionist now has a official name, as a naming contest has concluded for her

G Rank Guild Maiden - カトレア Katorea (Cattleya) Which is also a type of flower! 

Hunting With Friends Podcast S4 E1 - Hopeless Rearranged

Hunting With Friends Podcast has reuinited! Finally finding time to hunt together, they start off with Season 4~

"Today’s Hunts include: White Rathalos(Zerureusu), Dhiorekkusu (Diorex), Inagami, Forokururu, and a special surprise hunt at the end.

On this episode, we discuss where we’ve been for the last year, updates to Monster Hunter Frontier Online G, the new weapon class: Senryukon, Monster Hunter 4G/4U, and, in light of current events, we have a short PSA on Depression.

Apologies in advance for the lack of Theo audio. His mic was muted on his streaming software and we only became aware of this post-stream.”


~ Otakon 14’ ~ Monster Hunter Cosplays 

モンスターハンターフロンティアG - オリジナル武器 ~ アブスロウソード
Monster Hunter Frontier G Original Weapon Design - Abusurou Sword 

A nifty even greatsword in Frontier that reminds me of the Soul Edge from Soul Caliber. It has a nice charging effect with glowing veins in the Greatsword. Base of the GS has a 816 Raw, 170 Yami (Darkness) Element. 


Frontier brings a whole new Collab to the roster! Dokodemoissho! Something I wouldn’t have expected either!!! Don’t know who they are!? They are the Sony cats! (Toro!!) They have their own game called Dokodemoissho, Frontier will have Toro and Kuro weapons!

モンスターハンターフロンティアg5 プレミアムパッケージ・アイルー防具 ~ Monster Hunter Frontier G5 Premium Package Felyne Armor 

(Top) どんぐりシリーズ Donguri (Acorn) Series

(Middle) ギルドネコシリーズ Guild Series

(Bottom) マグマネコシリーズ Magma Series

モンスターハンターフロンティアg5 プレミアムパッケージ防具 - Monster Hunter Frontier G5 Premium Package Armor 

(Top - Female) 飛天・白 Hiten Series White
(Bottom - Female) 飛天・青 Hiten Series Blue

Monster Hunter Frontier G5 Premium Package 

got this in the mail, will redeem and show the sets later. 

I’ve had people ask me recently about the SDCC14 MH plushies. Some of my friends found some on ebay on sale, and I pointed out to them to not be fool’d by sellers, listing them as SDCC14 Exclusives, but it’s actually the SD form plush. 

But I want to just let everyone know for future purposes, and to pay close attention if you are interested in buying a SDCC14 Exclusive Monster Hunter Plush, make sure it is the actual thing, not a seller trying to rip you off. 

When I was at SDCC I was talking with one of the market designers of the plush from Capcom about some slight differences I noticed. So here’s a list to be wary of. So I’ll be using the Rathian versions as a example. 

~ ① ~
- SDCC version has a slightly different color green, lighter than the SD version. 

~ ② ~
- The wings are a different color, while the SD version has a more peach green, the SDCC version is more green/yellow. The wing markings also both have a different color used.

~ ③ ~
- Chin spike is also different color’d. While the SD form’s chin spike is the same as its jaw, the SDCC version is actually green, and does not match the color of its jaw.

~ ④ ~
- The tagging! A big notice in it. SD form has “Monster Hunter © Cacpom Co. LTD.”  the SDCC version just has “CAPCOM,” and under the tag it shows ” © Capcom Co. LTD All Rights Reserved” but both have the “made in china” :p 

~ ⑤ ~
- Head difference. SDCC version’s head is more wider, and longer. The eyes are brought more down to a “serious” look, while the SD version has bigger eyes. You can easily tell the difference just by looking at the snout of Rathian. 

~ ⑥ ~
- Other small things are the spikes. SD’s form has it individually “cut out” per spike (I’m not sure how to word it better) while the SDCC version has the spikes as one. You can tell the difference as a example by looking at the tail spikes. 

But not to say one is better than the other, both are pretty much alike in it’s own way, and both are official products of Monster Hunter merchandise.  While SD is from Japanese designers, the SDCC is from NA designers, and both are rare in their own way, since the SD is hard to find around nowadays, and the SDCC is a actual exclusive merchandise.